Why Brookhurst?

Why Brookhurst?

Brookhurst is an extraordinary school charting its own unique path. 

We are diverse in a way that makes us stand out; we are of a scale that others admire; we have ambitions for our children that others do not have.

We encourage our children to question and challenge and ask why? To be bold, to be honest; we champion the voice of each child, we are disruptors for positive change, and we seek new and better ways to do things. We want to be at the forefront of child development, they are our legacy. We help each individual to discover their own excellence.

This starts in the Brookhurst Prep School and into our secondary school. From the moment our children arrive, aged 5+ onwards, we help them develop their character, resilience, relationships, abilities, skills and knowledge.

The Brookhurst Way is an attitude that seeks to bring out the latent potential of each child through the dedication and nurturing way of Brookhurst’s staff. It is an excellence of teaching and coaching with the child at the center of the process. Once your child has found their passion, we tailor an education programme that is right for them, wherever their talents lie.

As one of the best co-educational boarding and day schools in East Africa with over 700 students in our two expansive campuses in Lavington and Kiserian. Kiserian houses 75% boarders and 25% day scholars while Lavington campus is an entirely day schooling institution. Our campuses house resources to offer world leading teaching and coaching.

Education needs change, it needs to progress and we are prepared to make that happen.

Why Do Families Choose Us?

There are many reasons why families choose Brookhurst to educate their children.

Focus on the individual

Everyone excels at something. We help children discover their brilliance, support them to excel in that passion and to celebrate that everyone is unique and different.


The Brookhurst Way- An attitude that seeks to bring out the latent potential of each child through the dedication and nurturing way of Brookhurst’s staff. Excellence in teaching and coaching with the child at the center.


Brookhurst’s two expansive campuses in Lavington and Kiserian offers students a serene and calm environment for learning. Kiserian campus includes numerous learning centers, 4 science laboratories, cafeteria, music hall, art rooms, Dormitories, ICT center, aquatic center, basketball courts, football pitches, tennis courts, prep kids’ playground and school forest.

Lavington campus is unique in the area for its amazingly peaceful surroundings despite being in the heart of Lavington. The campus facilities include classes, art room, music room, cafeteria, basketball court, netball court and swimming pool.

Small Class Size

Class sizes are between 10-16 in the prep schools and 9-13 in the secondary schools. We currently maintain a 1:6 teachers to student ratio. Brookhurst teaching is optimized for personal attention, so we really get to know each child, and for social interactions. This enables us to stretch the most able and support those who need an extra helping hand.

Academic Excellence

Brookhurst maintains a culture of academic excellence as we hold a 98% pass rate in O-Level and A-Level examinations.  Every year Brookhurst graduates are placed in numerous universities and technical institutions locally and abroad. Students study in institutions such as McGill University (Canada), Humboldt University (Germany), St Georges University (Grenada), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (South Africa) and University of Nairobi (Kenya).

Sporting Academy

Brookhurst is synonymous with sports. We believe exercise and activity is essential to the wellbeing of our students. Lessons learnt in the classroom transfer to the sports field and lessons learnt on the sports field transfer to the classroom.

Learning Support

Brookhurst’s learning support department offers specialist support to children with specific learning difficulties. They pride themselves on creating a supportive environment where children thrive and are equipped with strategies to become independent learners.