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Filling in the gaps

Traditional classroom teaching is not entirely sufficient for the overall development of the modern day student. Brookhurst’s co-curricular activities fills the missing gaps and creates an interesting niche for the child. While traditional classrooms are generally designed to develop a child’s theoretical knowledge, the other aspects of learning such as moral development, social development, creative development, civic development, emotional and physical development of the child are greatly enhanced by co-curricular activities.



Brookhurst International School focuses in ensuring the musical talents of our students are discovered and explored. We provide the necessary musical instruments to ensure students fine tune their talents. Brookhurst’s staffed with notable music instructors who have been nurturing musical talent over a number of years. We have invested in the necessary facilities such as music halls and theatres. The world will never say no to a good tune.



At Brookhurst International School we believe the dramatic arts helps to develop confidence, team building skills and lays the foundation for a life-long enjoyment of the Arts. The students are also introduced to story-making techniques and enjoy creating many short plays of their own during Speech and Drama sessions. All of these activities contribute to building their confidence and imagination. Brookhurst’s cultural day proves as a testament of our dedication to drama and musical performances.


Various displays throughout the school campuses give an insight into the students’ artistic activities. During weekly art lessons students explore a variety of art techniques, practice skills and develop their imagination. This continuous practice enables the students to tackle increasingly elaborate art projects, developing their creativity even further.

Other Activities

Students at Brookhurst International school will always have an activity that sparks their individual growth and nurtures their talents. Other added activities at the school include the following:

  • Ballet & dance

  • Chess

  • Model United Nations

  • World Scholars Championship

  • Debate Team

  • Community Service

  • Christian Union

  • Save our Environment

  • Physics

  • STEM

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