Brookhurst International School is a progressive, multicultural, value based day and boarding school based in Kenya. We currently offer our students the highest standard of British curriculum education between year 4 to A level. We are notable among the  international schools in Kenya. Our superb campus spans vast acres of the beautiful plains of Kajiado County as we are presently located in the tranquil Kiserian area along Isinya-Pipeline Road.
We offer the British national curriculum that is accredited by Cambridge and Edexcel. Our curriculum affords students a chance to gain access to leading universities both nationally and worldwide. The British national curriculum offers internationally recognized qualifications that culminate with the opportunity to sit for IGCSE and GCE (A-Level) examination.

We accommodate all cultures and religion from Kenya and around the world and provide the best programs that not only inform a child but also transform a child to a responsible young person, who can interact with the community around him and in turn impact the community positively. Our driving force which also defines our purpose is to make a positive contribution to the world that we live in by empowering our students with skills and abilities to be the leaders and guardians of tomorrow’s world.

Excellence is what we are and what we plan to provide for each of the students enrolled at Brookhurst, thus our motto: Dedicated to Excellence. At the center of our school philosophy and approach is the pursuit of academic excellence and imparting of essential life skills to our students. We are committed to helping our students achieve their potential in a safe, friendly and academically rigorous environment. We hold the standards of the best international schools in Kenya.


To attain the highest standards of education and extracurricular programs, equipping our graduates with the skills and abilities necessary to positively transform the world for the benefit of humanity and the environment


To promote the highest standards of education and extracurricular programs that empower our students to realize their full potential in a friendly and supportive environment



Academic excellence

We believe in fostering an environment where we can be the best learners we can be


We believe we can only transform the world if we are respectful and responsible citizens


We are a close knit community that supports and celebrates each other

Talent & Creativity

We believe in seeking and nurturing the best out of ourselves by encouraging creative thinking and innovation

Taking Care of our Environment

We encourage each of us to do our little “thing” to protect mother nature


We embrace modern technology to improve our lives and improve efficiency in all our operations