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Preparatory School

Year 1 176,000 Prevailing Market Rate to apply
Year 2 176,000
Year 3 192,500
Year 4 192,500
Year 5 209,000
Year 6 209,000

Middle School

Year 7 231,000 Prevailing Market Rate to apply
Year 8 231,000
Year 9 253,000

Junior High School

Year 10 275,000 Prevailing Market Rate to apply
Year 11 Annual KES 874,500
Term 1 50% KES 437,250
Term 2 50% KES 437,25
Paid in September and January
In two terms

Senior High School

Year 12 308,000 Prevailing Market Rate to apply
Year 13 Fees Annual KES 924,000
Term 1 KES 462,000
Term 2 KES 462,000
Paid in September and January
In two terms
Year 9 253,000

Aviation Program

The fees’ structure is provided at the point of admission into the program. Students graduate with Private Pilot License and are facilitated to Join Select Aviation Canada that partner with Brookhurst to pursue Commercial Pilot License among other schools in Kenya and abroad.

Other Fees

Interview and (Psychometric Test 5,000
Admission 15,000
Caution Money 15,000
Clinical services within the school, logistics to the hospital and
insurance against accidents in school
7,000 (paid termly by all students)
Sports and Talents Development activities 15,000 Termly
Text Books, exercise books and subscriptions 34,000 Once Per Year
Graduation fee year 11 and 13 10,000
Graduation fee preparatory school 5,000
Lunches and Refreshments 30,000 Per Term

Note: Boarding is offered in our main campus in Kiserian


Important information about School Fees

  1. Annual fees amount for year 11 and 13 will be paid in two terms of equal installments in September and January.Parents who wish to pay termly will inform the school in advance.
  2. School fees is paid in full before the start of every term and is not refundable. The second option is payment in two installments (50% before school opens and 50% on or before the 15th of the following month).
  3. Payment in USD will be based on the prevailing market exchange rate of Kenya Shilling to the dollar
  4. A parent who may wish to withdraw a child from the school will need to give one terms notice, failure to which the parent shall pay one term fee in full.
  5. Family Discounts, on Tuition Fees only are allowed and is as follows:
    • 2nd Child 10%
    • 3rd Child 20%
    • 4th Child 30%
    • 5th and subsequent Child 40%
  6. Family Discount on transport is allowed subject to the children being on the same route at 50% for the second and
    subsequent child
  7. Fees is paid through the bank accounts and No cash is paid in school. Use Playbill provided below or a deposit transfer and email the deposit slip to bislavington@brookhurstschool.or.ke Always indicate the name of the student and the year on the deposit slip or send by WhatsApp to +254 114 178 784 . For ease of tracing the payment, PLEASE DO NOT SEND TO ANY OTHER NUMBER.
  8. The Aviation Program is paid separately in the account provided by the school upon registration of the student into the program.
  9. A surcharge of 2% per month is levied for late payment of fees.
  10. Medical fee caters for nursing services within the school, insurance against accidents and logistics to the hospital in case of need.
  11. External examinations are paid separately and in Sterling pound to ease onward payment to the examination bodies.
  12. Please note students must clear school fees and examination fees before they are enrolled to sit for external examinations.
Equity Bank Account– KES
Brookhurst International School Ltd
Branch: Four Ways
Pay bill: 247247
Swift Code: EQBLKENA
Standard Chartered Bank – USD
Brookhurst International School Ltd
Swift Code: SCBLKEN
Family Bank –KES
Brookhurst International School Ltd
Family Bank Towers
Pay bill number: 222111
Acc: 160072 Student Name
Equity Bank Account – USD
Brookhurst International School Ltd,
Branch Four-ways Corporate
Corresponding Bank:
Citibank N.A London Swift
Standard Chartered Ltd Bank– KES
Brookhurst International School Ltd,
Branch: Chiromo
Pay bill Number: 329329
Swift Code: SCBLKEN
Family Bank – USD
Brookhurst International School Ltd
Family Bank Towers
Branch Code: 068
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