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SIXTH FORM (16-18 Years)

A defining moment

Brookhurst International School’s sixth form embodies the schools mission to
promote the highest standards of education and extracurricular programs that
empower our students to realize their full potential in a friendly and
supportive environment. We prepare and support our students for the world
after school, with our outstanding teaching, strong school ethos, caring and
serene environment learning environment. Our teachers challenge our
students, offer them rigor and are responsive; it is testament to the
excellence in our curriculum and teaching that our students become orators
who can eloquently express their reasoning and beliefs and therefore effect
the change they wish to see in the world.

Brookhurst International School’s Sixth Form comprises of a wonderful mix of
students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Our students are noted
for their independence in thought, high standards in performance and ability
to work well in groups and teams. Our student alumni go on to excel in world
class universities and course as a result of their hard work and commitment.

To support you with that, we offer excellent foundations and support:

  • Exceptional teaching, from seasoned teaching professionals.
  • Brand new facilities.
  • High quality spiritual and mental support.
  • A broad and balanced curriculum.

Why choose
Brookhurst Sixth Form?

In the sixth form, Brookhurst offers a full range of learning activities and expects students to play a far more active role in lessons, which can sometimes lead them in fascinating and unexpected directions. Our approach fuels our students’ passion for their subjects. 

Brookhurst prides itself on being a supportive learning community and we give our sixth formers all the support they need to fulfill their academic potential. We provide rigorous and regular assessments, feedback and advice to help our students get the grades they need to achieve their goals. Those who work hard, listen to feedback and take advice often exceed their own expectations. Brookhurst teachers are always available for one to one engagement and assistance. Academic clinics and revision sessions are great tools to aid students sharpen their academic skills.

At Brookhurst International School you have the choice to study A-Level or BTEC in your sixth form. The quality of education, opportunities

Sixth Form Curriculum

Brookhurst International School’s sixth form focuses on two curriculum pathways, Advanced level (A-Level) and British and Technology Education Council (BTEC) diploma.

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