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Get the best foundation for your piloting career

Brookhurst International School appreciates the need to equip learners with an array of skills to supplement the British National Curriculum. Aviation program is therefore designed to achieve this goal. The aim is to train our aviation students to attain Private Pilot License (PPL)and an opportunity to attain Commercial Pilot License (CPL) in future. This is a skill that our learners can use to earn a living or/and supplement their careers in their adult life.

Brookhurst International School in conjunction with our local aviation partners and colleges have designed a program suited for our students. All the flying lessons are taken at different airports and airstrips while the ground school is conducted both in the school campus and at dedicated classes at Wilson airport. Trainers are qualified instructors and captains regulated by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. As such our graduates are assured of attaining the best training and produce seasoned pilots.

The guidelines on the projected levels of curriculum coverage for individual learners is provided at the start of the term. This is to help parents plan well in advance. Additionally, a progress report is availed at the end of every term. Brookhurst International School has also partnered with Select Aviation College based in Canada to ease the transition of Brookhurst aviation graduates to the Canadian based aviation program.

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