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Brookhurst International School’s Pre-Preparatory School offers an excellent educational experience to both boys and girls aged between 3 and 7. The early years of a child’s education are so important, as they provide the foundation for life; not just academically but socially and emotionally. We at Brookhurst pride ourselves in developing the whole child against a background of academic excellence in a loving and caring environment. Our pre-prep school is small enough to ensure that each child is known to all members of staff and is valued as an individual. We know their likes and dislikes, what their strengths are and how we can best support them on their academic journey. Each member of our staff is committed to helping our children achieve their goals and realize their full potential. Our children are encouraged to take advantage of the countless opportunities presented to them and to grow as individuals academically, socially and emotionally.

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Brookhurst Pre-Prep?

Our education instils a passion for lifelong learning in our pupils. Our young students enjoy the freedom to express themselves as valued members of the school environment and quickly build rapport with their classmates in teacher-led lessons. They are encouraged to experiment in the classroom, explore the school grounds and get involved in school life. Every child is supported in their transition from Early Years education and is welcomed into our supportive Pre-Prep community from their very first day.



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of faculty staff with advanced degrees

Environment Students at Brookhurst’s pre-prep learn in safe, serene and engaging school environments. Brookhurst’s Pre-prep culture encourages our students to experiment within the classroom, explore their campus grounds and get involved in school life. Our joyful pre-prep environments in both campuses are decorated with student artwork, encouraging them to make their mark on their learning spaces. Brookhurst’s teachers and teaching assistants take our students through outdoor play to encourage them to engage with the natural environment. Students learn to identify flora and fauna as well as grow fresh plants and produce. Languages Brookhurst encourages our students to learn a vast array of languages to better expand their outlook on life. We currently offer our pre-prep students languages such as French, Mandarin, Swahili and English. Students also engage in various on campus cultural events to better immerse them in the languages and the cultures. Teaching Staff Brookhurst’s pre-prep teachers endeavor to be acquainted with their students in order to better engage with them. We are passionate in providing our students with foundational skills as they bring the syllabus to life through fun and immersive learning. Class teachers arrange for meetings with parents and their families to better collaborate on improving the student’s school experience. Teachers also give their thoughts on the students’ academic efforts through each of their individual school diaries. Teacher’s thoughts are also captured on the school’s newsletter to better aid the students’ overall school life. Special Events Brookhurst hosts numerous social events on campus that require the participation of our pre-prep students. We have our annual masquerade party, swimming gala, school musicals, cultural day and nativity plays. Students also engage with numerous charity events during the year to give back to the larger community.
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