A-LEVELS (16-18 Years)

A defining moment

Brookhurst’s High school enrolls learners from the age range of 13 to 16 years of age, year 9 to 11. Year 9 students begin their high school journey by following a broad and balanced curriculum designed to provide them with multiple options and develop their essential skills. As students’ progress to Years 10-11 the compulsory curriculum is slimmed down as students are offered greater choice in the subjects they study. Students sit for their O-Level examinations at Year 11. English & Kiswahili languages and literature, mathematics and sciences are core subjects for all students. Students are also encouraged to select a modern foreign language (French, German, Mandarin) as a core subject. Beyond the core element of the curriculum, a wide range of option subjects are available.

Why choose
Brookhurst High School?

In the sixth form, Brookhurst offers a full range of learning activities and expects students to play a far more active role in lessons, which can sometimes lead them in fascinating and unexpected directions. Our approach fuels our students’ passion for their subjects. 

Brookhurst prides itself on being a supportive learning community and we give our sixth formers all the support they need to fulfill their academic potential. We provide rigorous and regular assessments, feedback and advice to help our students get the grades they need to achieve their goals. Those who work hard, listen to feedback and take advice often exceed their own expectations. Brookhurst teachers are always available for one to one engagement and assistance. Academic clinics and revision sessions are great tools to aid students sharpen their academic skills.

At Brookhurst International School you have the choice to study A-Level or BTEC in your sixth form. The quality of education, opportunities
HIGH SCHOOL (13-16 Years)

High School Curriculum

Brookhurst International School’s sixth form focuses on two curriculum pathways, Advanced level (A-Level) and British and Technology Education Council (BTEC) diploma.


Advanced Level(A-Level)

Brookhurst International school provides the Cambridge accredited A-Levels. Learners at this stage are preparing for university study. We offer both variations of A-Level, AS and A2. AS levels are basically half an A-Level. The student studies for 1 year (Year 12) giving a broad understanding of a subject but not in as much detail. AS levels are standalone courses, taken alongside – rather than as part of – A-levels.

This means that they won’t form part of an overall A-level grade. So you’ll only take your AS exams at the end of your first year and you’ll need to take all the exams for your A-levels at the end of the two-year course. A-Level A2 courses have been specifically designed to be delivered in a linear fashion over the two years of sixth form. External examinations taken at the end of Year 13 assess the full two years of sixth form study and lead to the award of an A level. Most students will study 3-4 A level courses in their Year 12 and continue with all these courses to their Year 13. In Year 13 students can continue with four subjects or they may choose to study three subjects at this level depending on university or career aspirations.

Why Study A-Level?

The teaching of A-Level students is focused more on developing research, analytical, collaborative and communication skills among learners. A person may ask “Why should my child study A-level?’. Well, here are reasons why A-Level works well for your child:

  1. Access to any University worldwide- A-level are recognized and accepted globally giving students access to the university of their choice. We have graduated multiple students into numerous universities spread over 42 countries.
  2. Ability to focus on what you prefer- A-Levels allow students to choose their subjects of choice with no compulsory subjects for selection. Students focus on what they are passionate about and excel in it. Students at this level enjoy learning hence improving their chances of success. Students are able to focus on subjects that are specific to their university entry studies and future profession.
  3. Required for Specific University Course- Specific university courses require A-levels for entry into their programs. These courses include: • Veterinary science- Biology and one or two subjects from chemistry, mathematics or physics • Medicine- Chemistry, biology and either mathematics or physics • Computer Science- Mathematics • Dentistry- Chemistry, biology and either mathematics or physics • English- English literature.

British and Technology Education Council (BTEC)

BTEC stands for the Business and Technology Education Council. BTECs are specialist work-related qualifications. Brookhurst International School offers Pearsons’ accredited BTEC courses that are suited to those who want a more practical learning experience.

BTECs are designed for students interested in a particular industry but who are not yet sure what career they’d like to do. A student could study a BTEC at Level 2 or 3, either alongside academic qualifications or as part of a wider program (such as an apprenticeship). You can also study a BTEC as a standalone course.

Why study BTEC?

  • Practical, real world approach to learning
  • Recognized qualification by schools, colleges, universities and employers
  • Assessment happens throughout the course
  • Progress to further education, training and employment

Three distinction* grades at BTEC are equivalent to 3 A*s at A Level and attract the same UCAS points. Please note, our BTEC Business course is equivalent to 2 A Levels. Students typically take another A Level alongside this course. The courses comprise of mandatory and optional units, which can be built to form different levels of the qualification. Each unit is assessed through the completion of assignments that are designed by the teacher and call on a range of evidence types. Nearly all universities accept BTECs.

BTEC Courses at Brookhurst • Level 3 Business Diploma • Level 3 Creative Digital Media • Level 3 IT Extended Diploma

Entry Requirements

A total of 5 GCSEs, with grades A* – G including Mathematics and English. A student should have attained a minimum grade of C in Mathematics and English. Resits are arranged for those who will have not attained these minimum grades.

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