How Do I Become A Pilot In Kenya

Are you asking yourself “How do I become a pilot in Kenya?” this is a common question among young men and women globally. Aircraft maker Boeing (BA) forecasts that 558,000 new commercial airline pilots will be needed over the next 20 years, all around the world. That works out to about 28,000 pilots each year. Kenya’s The Star newspaper recently that Kenya is at risk of running out of pilots as the majority of Kenyan pilots are in their 40s and are 25 years away from the mandatory retirement age of 65. The aviation sector offers students a multiplicity of opportunities in life. Opportunities such as the ability to travel to numerous foreign locations, earn one of the highest salaries in the country and interact with various global cultures.

At Brookhurst International School we ensure our students become the best at what they do hence our training of future pilots at the flght training center at Wilson Airport, Kenya as well as Select Aviation College Canada. Upon completion of the course work students are then certified with a Private Pilot License (PPL). A PPL is recognized worldwide providing access to numerous oppor-tunities for our young pilots. All Our flight training courses are presented on a one-on-one basis to ensure personal attention which also allows each student to set his/her own pace with the program. Learning aviation at a young age allows our students to get a head start in the industry.

The Private Pilot License allows students to obtain the foundational knowledge and skills for all future aircraft pilot training. According to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authorities (KCAA), as a Private Pilot you can fly an airplane day and night (if one has a Night Rating) in visual flight conditions and carry passengers (friends, family, co-workers, etc.). You cannot fly for paid compensation or hire. The PPL is the foundation course on a pathway to a Commercial Pilot’s License.

The requirements to issue a PPL are:

  1. Be at least seventeen years of age for a license other than the operation of glider or balloon;
  2. Be at least sixteen years of age for a license in a glider or balloon;
  3. Be in possession of a valid Class 2 Medical Certificate.
  4. Receive an endorsement for the knowledge test in the student pilot’s logbook from an authorized instructor who Conducted the training on the required aeronautical knowledge areas, that apply to the aircraft category sought; and Certified that the person is prepared for the required knowledge test;
  5. Pass the required PPL knowledge test; Meet the aeronautical experience requirements that apply to the aircraft category and class rating sought before applying for the practical test. These required hours are well elaborated on the PPL aeronautical experience form (Form O-PEL002).
  6. Receive flight training and a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor who—Conducted the training in the required areas of operation for the rating being sought; and Certified that the person is prepared for the required practical test.

Brookhurst has partnered with Select Aviation College (Canada) to provide students with global exposure in the aviation industry. Select Aviation, located in the Canadian province of Québecois is one of the only Aviation College in the world to offer a complete range of aviation career options. Students gain unparalleled access to training on a wide range of aircrafts in a variety of weather conditions allowing them to gain true industry experience in absolute security. Select Aviation’s program provides various aviation career paths ranging from airlines qualifications to specialized bush planes and helicopter training.

The answer to any teenager asking “How do I become a pilot in Kenya?” has been answered. Enroll at Brookhurst International School and begin the journey to achieving your PPL and later your CPL. We offer you a head start in your professional dream as well as a learning environment that allows you to be the best you can be. Hear from our very own students in the following video link:

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