Benefits of the British National Curriculum

The British National Curriculum (BNC) is used by the vast majority of schools in the United Kingdom and by thousands of British Curriculum schools all over the world, over 3,000 schools in total. It was first launched in 1988 and has been developing consistently since then, so is a very well-established and recognized curriculum. It is often characterized by the terms ‘broad and balanced’ as, up to the age of fourteen, students study the full breadth of subjects that are needed to help them develop into well-rounded citizens of the future. Here we discuss the Benefits of the British National Curriculum.

How Does The Curriculum Work?

The huge strength of the BNC curriculum is that it is highly structured, from the Early Years to age 14, with progress measures throughout this time, so that teachers and parents know exactly how well a student is achieving, and how well s/he is being taught. Pupils’ progress is bench-marked against the expectations from the curriculum, and against all the other schools.

After the age of 14, students enter two years of preparation for the (International) General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination, taken at age 16. This is one of the only curricula which has internationally- recognized qualifications in every single subject at this age, and these are accepted by the best schools from Africa, Asia to North America, and everywhere in between.

Key Stage Year Groups Age of Child
Preparatory 1 1,2,3 5-7
Preparatory 2 4,5,6 8-11
Secondary 3 7,8,9 12-14
Secondary 4 10,11 15-16
Secondary 5 12,13 17-18

Why should I Enroll in the British National Curriculum?

A common question among parents is ” Why should I enroll my son/daughter in the British national curriculum?”. There are a long list of benefits that come with enrolling in the curriculum but we’ve narrowed them down. Here are 3 Benefits of the British National Curriculum:

Internationally Reputable Education

The curriculum is very established in the realms of academia and has a strong global reputation. The global repute gains graduates the ability to access any university or college worldwide.

Skills based Knowledge

The British curriculum is skills based and emphasizes on knowledge application while the Kenyan system emphasizes on simply knowledge and ultimately exam success. The evolving global job market places greater value in British National Curriculum’s graduates as it views the education’s holistic emphasis in applicable skill sets more valuable.

Difference in teaching methodology

The British curriculum is student centered as it cares for the student’s academic growth throughout the 5 key stages.  Teaching is driven by a partnership between students and teachers resulting in teachers knowing their students and planning for effective teaching based on that knowledge and also their expert subject knowledge. This means that though whole class based, lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of all and indeed, teachers have high expectations in relation to learning and outcomes for everyone in their care.

Why should I enroll in Brookhurst International School?

Parents eventually ask “Why should I pick Brookhurst?’. We answer as follows; Brookhurst International School is a progressive, multi-cultural,value based day and boarding school. We offer our students aged 10-18 years the highest standard of the Brit­ish national curriculum education from preparatory, secondary to A level. Our students achieve excellent outcomes and make great progress in a welcoming, safe and caring environment. This progress is supported by the hard work and commitment of well qualified staff who set high expectations to enable every child to succeed.

We passionately believe in the potential of every student and are focused on supporting them “to climb the mountain” to success in an ever demanding world. Our students experience a wide range of engaging, relevant and inspirational learning activities; both in and out of the classroom. We work hard to instill our core values of excellence, responsibili­ty and respect throughout our school. These values are central to our unique character and ethos.

As a school, we strongly believe in partnerships working together in the best interests of all our students. Parents/ carers, students, staff, affiliated partners, community groups and friends all work together to ensure that the young people in our school enjoy their learning journey and achieve some exceptional outcomes. As part of the numerous international private schools associations we are able to enjoy the benefits of working closely with other schools locally and internationally.

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