Life at Brookhurst:

The students are given an opportunity to take part in democracy by choosing their own leaders.

Role of the Student Council:

Role and Purpose of the Student Council at Brookhurst international school is to:

1. Provide an opportunity for pupils to voice their opinions and offer suggestions in relation to many aspects of school life
2. Discuss issues relevant to our school and encourage and promote initiatives from the pupils
3. Offer an opportunity for all pupils to voice their opinions on proposed changes and thereby play a very significant role in improving our school
4. Act as a channel of communication within the school organization, between pupils and between home and school
5. Encourage pupils, and thereby their parents, to organize events central to the life of the school
6. Provide an opportunity to raise funds for charities or for our School Fund.

Here are the current leaders.
President:  / Hamilton Mugambi
Deputy President:  / Samuel Mwangi
Entertainment Captain:  / Justin Louis
Deputy Entertainment Captain:  / Kelsie Malaika
Library Captain:  / Andrew Mangwana
Environmental Captain:  / Samuel Njau
Deputy Environmental Captain:  / Jonathan Kaharuka
Year 5 Rep:  / Mark Wandumo
Year 6 Rep :  / Ali Gamal
Year 7 Rep :  / Alvin Gathiane
Year 8 Rep :  / Ian Ng'anga
Year 9 Rep :  / Lincy Wambui
Year 10A Rep :  / Linet Muraya
Year 10B Rep :  / Alvin Mureithi
Bell Ringer:  / Wesley Githinji
Games Captain:  / Samuel Kuria
Deputy Games Captain:  / Promise Ammi
Dormitory Captain :  / David Kok
Deputy Dormitory Captain:  / Adrian Macharia
Girl's Dormitory Captain:  / Karen Wambui
Dinning Hall Captain:  / Wilson Ndungu
Deputy Dinning Hall Captain:  / Stacy Wanjiku