Sports Academy :

At Brookhurst, we aim to provide a broad and balanced physical education programme with a carefully nurtured balance between performance and participation. We also aim to encourage pupil’s skills and talents in the area of sports while offering them opportunities to certain sports they may never access.

We give an opportunity for our students to participate or compete in internationally e.g. the keele warrior cup in UK in 2014, the Nottingham cup in 2015, and in 2016 we were the official organizers of Barcelona international tournament in Spain.

Specialist coaching is offered throughout the year as part of our in-school PE programme including Football, Rugby, and Basketball, Volley ball, badminton and Swimming.

We offer an all year sports program that runs on the weekends and during the week after classes. Children who enjoy these classes are welcome to participate in our international games and local games.

All pupils are exposed to a variety of activities under the Outdoors & Adventure Activities Strand. These include rock climbing, hiking and camping at National parks. Students also explore traditional dances of our country and our heritage. These dances are great fun for all.


As rugby is a new sport in our institution, we are committed to developing rugby in our community. This is because in Kenya it is a popular sport and it helps.


Our basketball team also plays local games and each student is welcome to join the team.


Our Football team is coached by Mr. Cheruiyot. Every September they participate in the Nottingham cup and so far we have won of which all students are welcome to take part.