Language and Learning Support:


Brookhurst International School offers French, English, Kiswahili and Arabic. Our experienced instructors, many of them have been trained in well-known language schools in the country and abroad, are all dedicated to our teaching philosophy, which emphasizes the living language in its cultural context. We aim to help all students to communicate in any of the selected language as quickly as they can.

The languages are given equal timing as other subjects; also enrolment is open to every student. Courses are offered at every level of proficiency—beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Learning support:

We have a range of agencies offering support in school to your child.

Our Teachers are based in school and work with a wide variety of Students. All teachers work with families on issues relating to attendance or learning, they are also invaluable in providing pastoral support to children with other difficulties, such as bereavement. A referral to a teacher will initially be made through the class teacher, the principal, deputy principal or a department head

The school clinical officer will monitor children with specific health needs. The medical team will work particularly closely with the Early Years children, making sure the basics of height, weight, hearing and eyesight are checked. The school councillors are available for children who experience learning difficulties of behavioural problems. Each child can consult the councillors at any time.

Tuition can be provided on a 1:1 basis so that each child can reach their potential, and assistance can be given Also we have excellent child protection procedures in school, with all staff and helpers in school undergoing checks. The procedures make our Campus as safe as possible.

Examination Bodies:

Our examination bodies are

Exams and reports

Our policy is that only parents will be able to access their child’s performance report. The parent can get the reports from the parents log in