Extra Curriculum:


Brookhurst has high quality and variety of its Arts. All children are encouraged to take up an instrument, sing and take part in our many concerts and plays.

All the pupils have music lessons with our music teacher. Recently our students have performed in a number churches in Kiserian and Nairobi. Our students regularly perform during school functions. Any student wanting to play an instrument just needs to contact the school office for us to arrange a try-out session with one of our music teachers.


At Brookhurst we believe drama helps to develop confidence, team building skills and lays the foundation for a life-long enjoyment of the Arts. The students are also introduced to story-making techniques and enjoy creating many short plays of their own during Speech and Drama sessions. All of these activities contribute to building their confidence and imagination.


Art is an important part of school life. Various displays throughout the school give an insight into the children's artistic activities at Brookhurst. During weekly art lessons the children have the opportunity to explore a variety of art techniques, practice skills and develop their imagination.

The continuous practice of art enables the students throughout the school to work on more elaborate art projects and develop their creativity even further.